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Helping Organizations  Leverage Technology

Save up to 70% on your computer and telephone costs

Invest a half hour of your time and save THOUSANDS of dollars on your telephone and computer costs.

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Vue Net Corp through its partnership with iareanet offers a unique set of services that can enable you to:

·       Reduce IT and telephones costs up to 70% or more.

·       Benefit from increased productivity with MS Office and a set of powerful collaboration tools usually only at the reach of larger corporations.

·       Insure your business is running 100% of the time through even the worst disasters. In the event of flu epidemic or other disaster your emplyees can continue to work from home !

In a tough economic climate, increasing demand and shrinking budgets can put a strain on an organization already dealing with growing amounts of data to store and back up, combined with increased system availability requirements, less resources, and an increasingly mobile workforce. Now, more than ever, companies need to find ways to control costs, limit exposure, and improve productivity. In addition, businesses have both an interest in and a responsibility for ensuring their own security and that of its employees.

How can a small to medium sized organization in today’s economy gain all of the above advantages by effectively utilizing the iareaOffice product?

The concept is simple – instead of building and maintaining an infrastructure with a phone system, servers and PCs, and software on those machines, the iareaOffice phones, desktop, software and services are available via the web and you pay for the features you need as a “service” on a user by user basis. You connect to the service through a secure broadband Internet connection. The PC connecting to the service needs only an operating system, like XP or Vista with an inherent web browser, like Internet Explorer.  The Internet connection is secured with encryption and user name and password authentication. The PBX system is VoIP based so the IP phones work anywhere there is an internet connection. There is also a softphone that you can access via the web or directly from your desktop or laptop using a headset.

Our goal is to enable a company to spend more time using its infrastructure, and less time paying for and maintaining it.  

The benefits of the iareanetOffice computing solution include:

Predictable IT Budget. Computing costs are finite.  There is nothing to purchase above and beyond the initial start up fee, the monthly fixed service fee per user, internet access, and the PC used to connect to the service.

Decreased capital expense. Use existing PCs and Laptops. Future users only need a thin client device such as Winterm to utilize the service.  Thin client devices are essentially stripped-down PCs and are priced at $300-$800 each.  No high end PCs, servers, or applications are needed because the application software is running in the iareanet datacenters.  The only thing needed is the operating system and a standard browser. Open branch offices anywhere in the world with just internet access, laptops, and additional IP phones.

Decreased ongoing expense. Users are simpler to support because the user’s machine has little running on it.  There are fewer problems with software conflicts, hardware problems, driver issues, etc. Remove expensive hardware insurance costs and in many cases, lower your business interruption insurance costs. Extension Dialing between offices is FREE – eliminating cell phone, long distance or international charges. Eliminate phone and fax lines.

Decreased risk. Data is centrally managed, backed up, and secured, so it’s not susceptible to loss or corruption. No more worries about data backups and restores, archiving, viruses and hackers, data theft and destruction security.


Disaster recovery. In the event of an incident that is disruptive to the business your employees can work from anywhere there is internet access so sales, customer service accounting and other critical business processes can continue to function. Employees could work from home if there is a problem with the flu in your area.


Improved mobility.  Because applications are accessed via broadband Internet service, workers can be productive almost anywhere. Also, by bringing voice functionality to the desktop, users can have all the capabilities they would have in a traditional office environment, from wherever they happen to be working. . You can have a phone on your desk or a program running on your computer that mimics a phone, and you can take that with you wherever you go

Improved Availability.  Perhaps the biggest payoff for companies using iareanet is that down time of PCs is significantly reduced.  Down time associated with servers is virtually eliminated. Risk of down time associated with lost data is eliminated due to the service provider’s automated disk and tape backup.  Iareanet offers 7×24x365 help desk support, further decreasing down time. Iareanet has been providing these services to customers since 1994 and offers a 99.99% SLA.

Improved Productivity. A primary return on investment (ROI) being realized by users of iareaOffice  is an increase in employee productivity and noticeably improved internal and external communications. The largest single value of iareanet Office lies in its ability to reduce human latency in business processes. Talent is not wasted on IT operation matters: backups, user administration, virus protection.

Low cost, instant scalability. Scale up fast to support new requirements - and walk away just as easily, without over committing. With iareanet, there are no increased investments for expansion or peak loads —simply order the additional resources needed. Make changes to telephones, computers, and servers instantly - without counting the days and weeks until the infrastructure catches up with the business. Easily scalable from 1 to 500+ users. Support of mobile workers and the ability to scale up or down on the fly are only a small part of what makes iareanet a value to organizations.


Low startup costs. Use existing PCs and Laptops. Also, Vue Net Corp will assist you in selling your unneeded technology assets at the best possible price or dispose of them in an eco friendly manner. Because of the low start up costs for iareanet, the money received from the sale of unneeded assets will frequently meet or exceed start up costs incurred in the transition. (Depends on age and condition).

Plans start as low as $129.00 a month !

Frequently asked questions

A.  How does iareanet reduce and control costs?

·         Competitive rates for phone service: Only .02/min for voice and .03/min for fax in US. Unlimited calling plans available. Competitive international rates.

·         Eliminate costly monthly per line charges for voice and fax lines: No need for multiple lines- only1 line per 12 users in an office for internet access.

·         Global Extension Dialing Each user within your company will receive an extension you can dial directly. Extension Dialing between offices is FREE - eliminating long distance or international charges.

·         Eliminate Server, PBX and Fax hardware.  Cost savings include maintenance, upgrade, consulting, and human capital costs.

·         Recover and/or reduce office space costs including electricity and environmental.

·         Consumables: reduced costs for fax toner, paper, printer usage.

·         Lower insurance costs. Remove expensive hardware insurance costs and in many cases, lower your business interruption insurance costs.

·         Free Website hosting is included with each company account. iareanet can adopt the look of your company's current website and will integrate the two seamlessly

·         Low startup costs – in most cases the start up costs will be exceeded by the sale of your existing infrastructure.


B.  How does our iareanet increase computer and telephone availability and security?

·         Your information is located in a professionally graded facility that is managed by certified engineers, with a controlled temperature environment, battery backup system, and redundant network design. The entire system is located in three different geographical areas giving you the confidence needed to know that your information is always secure and accessible.

·         Data Storage/Back Up. Your system is backed up every day and our systems are redundant so you will not lose documents, files, database entries or documents. 

·         SSL Security- 128bit Secure Login

·         Spam/Virus Protection. Real-time protection Automatic removal reduces the risk of spyware and viruses reaching the system. Enhanced tamper protection guards against unauthorized access and attacks. Backed by Symantec™ Security Response, the world’s leading Internet security research and support organization

·         Maintenance. Full management includes 24/7/365 support on, hardware, software, security, IP network, and loaded applications. Full maintenance, also includes patches, stress tests, scheduled maintenance and fully documented reports Guaranteed 99.99% reliability.

·         Disaster recovery. In the event of an incident that is disruptive to the business your employees can work from anywhere there is internet access so sales, customer service accounting and other critical business processes can continue to function.

·         Applications Stop worrying about updates and upgrades.  Run your current software. Add programs that are pertinent to your business we support almost all applications including QuickBooks, CRM and custom applications. We will load any software you own on our server.

C.  How does iareanet increase productivity? Iareanet opens up to your company a set of powerful collaboration tools usually only at the reach of larger corporations

·         Microsoft Office applications and collaboration tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Access, Exchange.

·         Global Unified Messaging: Have one number for all your calls and faxes. Access voicemail by dialing into your account emails from any phone and listen to your voicemails, emails and fax notifications live from our voice attendant using advanced text to speech technology Voicemails are also accessible in your email delivered as a wav file attachment. Send and receive faxes directly from your email inbox. Sync your emails with your PDA, IPhone or other mobile device.

·         Global Address Book and Click to Dial Have access to your company's global email and phone lists so you may conveniently and easily send internal emails to your colleagues. Dial contacts directly from their Microsoft Office contacts.

·         Conferencing and Collaboration (Video conferencing available soon) Allows you to effortlessly set up a multi-party conference call. IareaConferencing is available 24/ 7, making it an effective solution for last minute conference calls and scheduled meetings.

·         Voicemail Virtual Assistant/Find Me allows you to send your calls to the device of your preference, e.g. - cell phone, office phone or home phone. Calls can be routed by time of day, status or caller id. You can change your routing at anytime, from any location and device.

·         Personal and Public Calendars. Share events with others; invite attendees, set reminders or reoccurring events.. Sync your calendar with your PDA, IPhone or other mobile device.

·         Documents and File Sharing You can access all your documents from anywhere anytime, Have an organized file structure that is consistent throughout your company. Share files throughout your organization. Assign and restrict access to required files as necessary.

·         Automated Attendant Provides your company with a professional voice presence, and includes a main Toll free number It includes a dial by name directory for your users and direct dial to extensions for any iarea user account.


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