"Helping business leverage technology since 2003"

Helping Organizations  Leverage Technology
About Us

Vue Net Corp founder, Nick Mancino, discovered the value of the secondary market in 1990 when he was able to purchase a large Rolm 8000 ACD PBX for a call center for one of the companies he founded. The switch originally cost over $250,000.00 new and was purchased and installed for only $30,000.00

The system also enabled him to learn how to push existing technology to its limit, squeezing as much productivity as possible from the technology for an internal 75+ seat call center.

Since that time, Nick has founded a number of other successful businesses, all of which have utilized technology acquired from the secondary market.

In doing so, we have established relationships with many of the major refurbishers, resellers, integrators, end users, and service providers in the technology world.

Through the business of Vue Net Corp and it’s sister company, Velocity Staffing, LLC, we have acquired a large contact base in the technology world. We know the issues many end users and vendors face, especially in today’s volatile economic climate.

Our mission is to use our knowledge and experience  to help clients leverage the cost and functionality of their technology to its fullest potential.